Full Mouth Reconstruction: A Comprehensive Approach

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Full mouth reconstruction involves a comprehensive treatment plan to restore your oral health and revitalize the structural integrity of your jaw and teeth. By remaining under the care of the same dental team, you can save time and money by streamlining your treatments. From referring you to a dental implant specialist to creating custom restorations, Dr. Wesley O. Lynch can help guide you through each step of your journey toward a restored smile. If you are interested in learning more about full mouth reconstruction at our Ruston, LA, dental practice, contact us to schedule a consultation

Addressing Periodontal Health

A full mouth reconstruction may incorporate treatment aimed at improving the health of your gum tissue. It is imperative to address gum issues caused by periodontitis because your gum health can affect your overall health.

Our ability to closely coordinate your care with outside specialists makes us an excellent choice for your full mouth reconstruction.

Healthy gums also prevent tooth loss. Periodontal treatment may include scaling and root planing (also known as a deep cleaning), antibiotic therapy, or even soft tissue grafting. Dr. Lynch will carefully assess the state of your gums to determine whether any periodontal treatment should be incorporated into your full mouth reconstruction.

Strengthening the Jaw Bone

The longer you are missing teeth, the more likely you are to experience jaw bone atrophy. This process occurs because the jaw bone begins to break down in the absence of tooth roots. Fortunately, dental implants act similarly to natural teeth by preventing bone loss. However, in order to support these titanium posts, you must have adequate jaw bone structure. If you have already experienced some degree of bone deterioration, Dr. Lynch may refer you to a specialist to undergo bone grafting, a sinus lift, or other procedure designed to build up your jaw bone. Once your jaw is deemed strong enough to support implants, Dr. Lynch will refer you to a specialist to undergo dental implant surgery. 

Restoring the Structure of Your Teeth

Dr. Lynch will address any dental decay you have developed. Treatment may include fillings or root canal therapy. If you are missing teeth, dental implants may be recommended. Once they are placed, dental implants provide numerous benefits, including excellent support for restorations, such as as dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dr. Lynch customizes dental restorations to match your natural appearance. By restoring the structure of any damaged teeth, you can once again smile, eat, and speak with confidence. Dr. Lynch will discuss the best restorative options based on your lifestyle and goals during a consultation.

Laying the Foundation for Cosmetic Refinement

A full mouth reconstruction focuses on revitalizing the structural integrity of your mouth. By addressing compromised gum tissue, jaw bone, and teeth, a full mouth reconstruction lays the proper foundation for future cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. It is important to address these structural issues first in order to experience the long-term benefits of cosmetic treatment and prevent more extensive dental work in the future.

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Our wide variety of treatment options and our focus on closely coordinating your care with outside specialists makes us an excellent choice for your full mouth reconstruction. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a visit

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