Dental Crowns Can Strengthen and Protect Damaged Teeth

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Dr. Wesley O. Lynch has been practicing dentistry since 1980 and has the experience needed to offer precisely customized, lifelike dental crowns for a seamless restoration. These custom restorations can strengthen and reinforce teeth that have suffered damage from trauma or decay. In just two appointments at our Ruston, LA, office, you can have a stronger, healthier smile. 

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, sometimes referred to as tooth caps, are hollow, tooth-shaped shells. Although they are available in a variety of different materials, including metal, Dr. Lynch prefers porcelain crowns to maintain the aesthetics of your smile. The crown is customized to precisely replicate your tooth, and it fits snugly over the tooth to protect it from further decay and damage.

Traditional crowns are used to treat teeth with extensive damage or decay. While more conservative options, like dental fillings, are usually preferred, sometimes the damage is too large for a filling to effectively treat it. Dr. Lynch also offers implant-supported crowns, which are supported by dental implants to replace a single missing tooth.

What Benefits Do Dental Crowns Offer?

Dental crowns offer an array of benefits. The strength and protection they provide allows full functionality of the tooth without pain or other complications. This restoration can also prevent potential tooth loss that can result from untreated decay or damage. Because Dr. Lynch uses lifelike materials such as porcelain, you can strengthen your smile without affecting its appearance.

Implant-supported crowns offer additional benefits for patients missing a tooth. Because the implant replaces the missing tooth root, there is no risk of bone loss or additional tooth loss. Patients can feel confident knowing their smile is strong and healthy with an implant-supported crown.

How are Crowns Placed?

Traditional crowns require two separate appointments at our office. During the first appointment, Dr. Lynch removes any portions of the tooth that are decayed or damaged. Then, he carefully reshapes the tooth, making it slightly smaller and smoother to better accommodate the dental crown. Then, a member of our team can take impressions of your tooth, which will then be sent to a lab where a skilled technician will craft your crown. To protect your tooth in between visits, Dr. Lynch can put a temporary crown in place.

Illustrations showing how the tooth is reshaped to accommodate a crown

Once decay has been removed, Dr. Lynch can reshape your tooth to accommodate your new dental crown. 

At the lab, the technician will use the impressions taken at our office to create your custom crown. Your crown is fabricated using precise measurements and will be custom-shaded so that it blends perfectly with the rest of your smile. Within two weeks, your crown will be ready and you can return for your second appointment. Dr. Lynch will remove the temporary crown and cement your custom restoration in place. Your crown could look and feel the same as your natural tooth and will be comfortable and secure when you eat, brush your teeth, and perform other dental functions.

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If you have a tooth with extensive decay or damage, you may be a good candidate for a dental crown. Contact our office online today to schedule and appointment with Dr. Lynch. You can also call (318) 251-0163 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our team. 

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