Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Craft Gorgeous Smiles

Porcelain Veneers

If you have ever wished for a dramatically enhanced smile, veneers may be right for you. This cosmetic procedure uses extremely thin, customized ceramic shells, which are bonded to the front of the teeth. Dr. Wesley O. Lynch offers traditional porcelain veneers and minimal-prep LUMINEERS®, which can conceal numerous imperfections, including deep-set staining, chips, cracks, irregularly shaped or sized teeth, and mild misalignment. 

Teeth Whitening

If you suffer from discoloration, yellowing, or staining, professional teeth whitening can provide you with a dramatically brighter smile. We offer take-home Opalescence® whitening kits, which include custom-fitted trays that are filled with whitening gel and worn once daily, for two to four weeks. With our whitening systems, achieving a sparkling smile can be simple, painless, and affordable.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a treatment in which Dr. Lynch rebuilds, fills, or camouflages imperfections in your smile. Bonding uses a composite material (also used in tooth-colored fillings) that is hardened with a special curing lamp. The procedure may be recommended to fill small cracks or chips, conceal stains that do not respond to bleaching, or close gaps between teeth.

Smile Makeover

Sometimes, a single treatment is not sufficient to address all your cosmetic concerns. At our practice, we can create a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that is tailored specifically to help you achieve your unique goals. Using any combination of cosmetic treatments, we can help you enhance your natural beauty in a way that looks natural, yet striking. 

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